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Crane Fairy ~Love~

Crane Fairy ~Love~

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approx. 34cm x 24cm x 2cm


silk (outside-layer) , wooden frame, cotton linen canvas (under-layer)

About this canvas

This canvas is crafted from an upcycled kimono featuring a stunning dyed pattern depicting a flock of cranes soaring through a snowy sky.


Period / Story

The kimono featured in this canvas was created during the late Showa period (1960-80ies).

Explanation and meaning of pattern and colors

The Japanese saying goes, "A crane lives a thousand years, a tortoise lives ten thousand years," making cranes a symbol of longevity.

Cranes are also known for staying with the same partner for their entire lives, which is why they are often used at weddings and other celebrations to symbolize "marital bliss" and the desire for harmony between husband and wife.

On this particular piece, cranes are flying through snow woven on the fabric, as if they are overcoming all the disasters to get to their beloved ones.

The color scarlet, or deeply dyed red, has long been associated with the meaning of "warding off evil." It is believed to possess the power to repel malevolent forces and invite good fortune.

During the Heian period (794-1185), scarlet was reserved for sacred buildings and ceremonial objects that held great significance. Ordinary people were prohibited from wearing scarlet-red kimonos, which made it a highly special color.


Characteristics of the fabric

The background pattern is woven with dots, reminiscent of falling snow.

While traditional Japanese patterns often include "arare" (hail), which is a fine polka dot pattern commonly used on kimono, this particular kimono showcases larger polka dots arranged in rows, lending it a charming appearance.

What sets this kimono apart is the unique dyeing technique used for the crane motifs, which are rendered in delicate line drawings.

The white sections that resemble red and white are dyed with a combination of gold and mud, resulting in a luxurious shimmering effect when illuminated by light.

Decoration Advice

This canvas is an upcycled version of a pouch obi made of Nishijin brocade.

The color orange, which gives the overall impression of orange, is a relatively new color among colors, but it has also been respected as a symbol of uninterrupted life (prosperity of offspring) and a good omen, since the brightly colored orange fruit continues to grow on the tree without falling off even after it is fully ripe.

The use of orange, moegi, and white colors on a black background gives a bright and lovely impression.



All the works are made from real kimonos, antiques and vintages. For this reason, the fabric may have traces of long-term use and minor fabric damages. In case there are any scratches or stains, we always add a photo of the area on the item page, so please check before purchasing. Regarding precaution, cancellation and refund policy, please refer to the refund policy in the footer section of the site for information.

The last pictures in the gallery are the pictures of the reverse side of the canvas and the package. 

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