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Sacred Geometry ~Longevity~

Sacred Geometry ~Longevity~

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approx. 60cm x 20cm x 4cm


silk (outside-layer) , wooden frame, cotton linen canvas (under-layer)

About this canvas

This canvas has been upcycled from a stunning obi, which is entirely adorned with auspicious designs filled with flowers.

Period / Story

The obi used in creating this canvas was originally made and used during the late Showa period (1960-80ies).

Explanation and meaning of pattern and colors

The obi is adorned with a woven pattern featuring peonies and chrysanthemums, with graceful phoenixes dancing between them, creating a beautiful and auspicious design.

Within the design, you can also find a smaller chrysanthemum pattern framed in haze pattern, enhancing the overall elegance.

The peony pattern holds symbolism related to "wealth" and "happiness," making it not only visually captivating but also associated with good fortune.

Chrysanthemum flowers are symbolic of longevity, the purification of evil spirits, and luck. They are highly esteemed and even serve as the emblem of the Japanese imperial family.

Tachibana, an auspicious evergreen citrus, is rooted in Japan's oldest book, the Kojiki, where it grows in the mythical land of immortality, bestowing longevity and prosperity upon descendants. This pattern is one of the few of Japanese origin, characterized by its cute heart-shaped fruit and flowering leaves. The Kumadori cloud framing pattern is a symbol that conveys the potential for good things to come. It includes phoenix, a legendary symbol representing good omens and the concept of "longevity and immortality," further enriches the design.


Characteristics of the fabric 

This is a canvas upcycled from a Nishijin obi. The striking orange color, while relatively new in the spectrum of colors, holds significance as a symbol of unending life and prosperity, as the vibrant orange fruit of the persimmon tree remains on the tree even when fully ripe, symbolizing the continuous cycle of life and fertility. Against the black background, the combination of orange, fresh green, and white creates a bright and charming impression.


Decoration Advice

This canvas is an upcycled version of a pouch obi made of Nishijin brocade.

The color orange, which gives the overall impression of orange, is a relatively new color among colors, but it has also been respected as a symbol of uninterrupted life (prosperity of offspring) and a good omen, since the brightly colored orange fruit continues to grow on the tree without falling off even after it is fully ripe.

The use of orange, moegi, and white colors on a black background gives a bright and lovely impression.



All the works are made from real kimonos, antiques and vintages. For this reason, the fabric may have traces of long-term use and minor fabric damages. In case there are any scratches or stains, we always add a photo of the area on the item page, so please check before purchasing. Regarding precaution, cancellation and refund policy, please refer to the refund policy in the footer section of the site for information.

The last pictures in the gallery are the pictures of the reverse side of the canvas, the attachments and the package. 

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