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Snow Crane

Snow Crane

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approx. 34cm x 24cm x 2cm


silk (outside-layer) , wooden frame, cotton linen canvas (under-layer)

About this canvas

A beautiful kimono canvas, painted with a snowy image on stains found in places on the original white kimono.

Period / Story

This canvas is made from a late Showa period white kimono.

Explanation and meaning of pattern and colors

As the Japanese saying goes, "A crane lives for a thousand years, a tortoise for ten thousand years," the crane is a symbol of "longevity.

The crane is also said to remain with the same partner for its entire life, which is why cranes have come to be used at weddings and other occasions to symbolize "marital bliss" so that husband and wife can remain in harmony.

Shiro-Muku, the original canvas, is a bridal gown in which everything is white. In the Muromachi period (1333-1573), shiro-muku was used as a wedding gown for samurai families.

It is considered the most prestigious type of wedding costume, and the white color has the meaning of "being dyed in the family style of the bride's destination.

In Japan, the color white has been believed to ward off evil spirits since ancient times, and white has long been used for the costumes of those who serve the gods.

White is still used in bridal gowns today as a costume for sacred ceremonies.


Characteristics of the fabric 

The crane is woven with gorgeous silver threads on a shiny white ground.

The jagged pattern on the entire weave, reminiscent of a lightning bolt pattern, gives a three-dimensional expression to the flat weave.


Decoration Advice

This canvas is an upcycled version of a pouch obi made of Nishijin brocade.

The color orange, which gives the overall impression of orange, is a relatively new color among colors, but it has also been respected as a symbol of uninterrupted life (prosperity of offspring) and a good omen, since the brightly colored orange fruit continues to grow on the tree without falling off even after it is fully ripe.

The use of orange, moegi, and white colors on a black background gives a bright and lovely impression.



All the works are made from real kimonos, antiques and vintages. For this reason, the fabric may have traces of long-term use and minor fabric damages. In case there are any scratches or stains, we always add a photo of the area on the item page, so please check before purchasing. Regarding precaution, cancellation and refund policy, please refer to the refund policy in the footer section of the site for information.

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