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Mandalas on Cracked Ice ~Ephemeral~

Mandalas on Cracked Ice ~Ephemeral~

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about 20cm diameter x about 2cm



wooden frame, cotton linen canvas (under-layer), pure silk (outside-layer)


About this canvas

The floral pattern, evoking the essence of an Oriental mandala design, creates a harmonious fusion of traditional cultures within this piece.



This obi was crafted and used during the Taisho period, in the early 20th century.


Explanation and meaning of pattern and colors

This canvas has been repurposed from an obi adorned with a floral pattern, seemingly arranged in the style of mandala motifs. It originates from the Taisho era, the early 20th century, a period when Western culture often influenced kimono patterns alongside traditional Japanese and Buddhist symbols. This piece is a stunning and exotic representation, featuring vivid red flowers blooming against a backdrop resembling cracking ice, all in the form of mandalas, with a pinch of European artistic touch.

The pairing of gold and red in this artwork is a festive color combination commonly used in Japanese celebrations. Additionally, another color shown here is "Kujaku Ao," a vibrant blue reminiscent of the hue found in the feathers of a peacock, with a subtle greenish tint. This color term is relatively recent and is a Japanese adaptation of "peacock blue," which was introduced from the West during the Meiji period (1868-1912).

Description of fabric characteristics

This type of weaven fabric is called "Nishijin-ori" - it is a traditional textile produced in the Nishijin district of Kamigyō-ku in Kyoto, Japan. It is considered as one of the most high-class weaving production in Japan.

Decoration Advice

The canvas can be displayed on a table, etc. You will need tacks or nails to hang it on the wall. Because it is light, you can hang it with two ordinary thumbtacks. You can also lean it against an easel. Perfect for redecorating your room, as a housewarming gift, as a present, or as a souvenir for your loved ones! The product will be carefully wrapped and sent, so it can be used as a gift on the go.


All the works are made from real kimonos, antiques and vintages. For this reason, the fabric may have traces of long-term use and minor fabric damages. - In case there are any scratches or stains, we always add a photo of the area on the item page, so please check before purchasing. Regarding precaution, cancellation and refund policy, please refer to the refund policy in the footer section of the site for information.

 The last pictures in the gallery are the pictures of the reverse side of the canvas, the attachments and the package. 

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