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Golden Kyoto ~Ethereal~

Golden Kyoto ~Ethereal~

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approx. 34cm x 24cm x 2cm  (3 items).


silk (outside-layer) , wooden frame, cotton linen canvas (under-layer)

About this canvas

This canvas is created from a black tomesode and an obi belt, both featuring a depiction of the Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto scenery. The continuity in the representation of the same location gives the impression of a connected picture, seamlessly combining the elements from both pieces.


Period / Story

The kimono and obi used in this canvas set were crafted during the late Showa period, likely in the 1970s.

Explanation and meaning of pattern and colors

The pattern on this canvas portrays a scene from Kiyomizu Temple, a designated World Heritage Site in Kyoto, known for its "Kiyomizu-no-butai" (stage of Kiyomizu).

This stage at Kiyomizu Temple is surrounded by pine trees, plum trees, and wisteria flowers, with the Kasamatsu pattern representing the pine trees. The name "kasamatsu" is derived from the horizontal spread of the pine tree's leaves and branches, resembling a hat. In East Asia, the pine tree symbolizes longevity due to its evergreen leaves, even during the winter.

In Japan, it is often referred to as an "evergreen tree" because of its year-round greenery, making it an auspicious symbol since ancient times. The combination of pine, bamboo, and plum trees (known as "Shochikubai" in Japanese) is celebrated in Japanese culture, with pine symbolizing longevity, plum trees blooming in winter, and bamboo remaining green during the same season. The kadomatsu, pine decoration which adorns the entrance of homes during the New Year, is believed to welcome the gods and bring good fortune.

Characteristics of the fabric 

The canvas on the left features an obi made from Nishijin-ori, a luxurious, hand-woven silk obi known for its high quality and traditionally-dyed colors.

The middle and right canvases display kimono fabrics adorned with opulent gold patterns throughout, including gilded Kasamatsu pine trees and gilded wisteria motifs. This intricate use of gold adds to the overall richness and beauty of textiles.

Decoration Advice

Canvas can be displayed on a table, wall, etc. Hanging on a wall requires hooks, tacks or nails. It can also be displayed propped up on an easel. Ideal for a room makeover, housewarming gift, present, or souvenir for a loved one.


All the works are made from real kimonos, antiques and vintages. For this reason, the fabric may have traces of long-term use and minor fabric damages. In case there are any scratches or stains, we always add a photo of the area on the item page, so please check before purchasing. Regarding precaution, cancellation and refund policy, please refer to the refund policy in the footer section of the site for information.

The last pictures in the gallery are the pictures of the reverse side of the canvas, the attachments and the package. 

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